Conspiracies and Dick Jokes

Eric Hollerbach's debut stand-up special was shot in over 50 venues across America. Watch as Eric catches up with his friends in New Orleans, and tells some jokes. Thomas Jones peed on a girl. DC Paul pulled his sack back. The material is dirty, but hilarious.

2020 - 33 min

Fart Porn in Beer Halls

This is the second stand-up special from Eric Hollerbach. Here, Eric deals with hecklers, Xander Bilyk talks about doing drugs with Eric. Geneva Joy Hughes dates a homeless person.

2020 - 33 min

It's a Medical Deive

Eric Hollerbach's third stand-up special is the most controversial. In this installment we meet the chauvinistic gynecologist, then Eric continues to travel across the country telling dirty jokes. Thomas Jones sings a song, and Kyle Smith gives Eric relationship advice.

2020 - 33 min

Lost Bits and Crowd Work

From 2014-2017 Eric Hollerbach lived in New Orleans, and performed every night. This is a compilation of the best bits. (Audio Only )