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B: September 11th, 1002
D: May 25, 1983

B: April 9, 1826
D: May 11, 2020



B: 30 March 1938
From a floor to ceiling Incubator
, in a birthing farm

Credit @CrueltyFreeCartoons   www.toonin2u.com

22nd Day of May 2022 Welfare of Warfare for the Oligarchy is only fair


25th Day of May 2022 - Stakeholder Capitalism's Mandatory Blowjob und Shit Orgies


8th Day of June 2022 - Schlitterbahn For Public Safety


30th Day of June 2022 - Love Triangle For Banking Trainings


1st Day of July, 2022  -  G7 auf der Bavarian Illuminati Castle


11th Day of July, 2022 - Getting Hunter Biden on the Airplane


13th day of July 2022 - Nude Sunbathings at my sister's castle


21st Day of July, 2022 - Hot Brains for a hot summer to be Smart Meter


27th Day of July 2022 - Hot Summer in Bohemian Grove


6th Day of August 2022, Monkeypox Season


13th Day of August, 2022 -
Disinformations around Bill Gates Breasts

8th Day of August 2022 - Cosmic Gaslighting


18th Day of May 2022 - Shit und Sucking orgy for DAVOS


12th Day of April 2022 - Go Fund Me making oppression of Klaus Jr


14th Day of April 2022 - Visit with my terrorapist


18th Day of April 2022 - Retarded Crack Family as President


5th Day of May 2022 - Austin City Hall Day


8th Day of May 2022 - Horse Farm for Satan


13th Day of May 2022 - Prince Charles of the People


6th day of April 2022, Death Statistics for Ukraine's war slush fund


3rd Day of April's 2022 - Making human huntings from the pedestrian bridge with speargun

11 Day of April 2022, Snuff Film with Hunter Biden in Pre-Production
Go Fund My Snuff Film


3rd Day of April 2022 - Containership picking up und Tin Foil auf Corpus of Christi in Texasings

3rd Day of April 2022 - Asking Nice for Kidknappings from angry parents

19 Day of March 2022 - K Drop from my bank account auf der Bahamas


24th Day of March, 2022 - Meet at the Dirty Storage Container, for the emergency


24 th Day of February 2022 - Second reasonings for war in der Ukraines

9th Day of March 2022 - Promo Code for WEF meeting in DAVOS Switzerland 2022 May 22nd - May 26th

16th Day of March 2022 - K-Drop For shipping container of human for traffickings, looking for industrial juicer


17th day of February 2022 - Chuckie Schwab for American Audiences


24th Day of February 2022 - No NATO auf Der Ukraines


6th day of February 2022, Carrot und stick for peasant trainings


30th Day of January 2022 - Donkey ritual for the WEF Young Global Leaders Brainwashing program


The 26th of January 2022 - Making horse Breedings


25th Day of January 2022 - Revenge for dry ham of Gertrude


19th Day of January 2022 
Tired of Conspiracies


13th Day of January, 2022 - Fixing supply chains at the local level

7th Day of January 2022  - Advent Calendar for Christmas 2022


16th Day of December 2021 - Gordon Ramsey of Propaganda

23rd day of December 2021 - Mistrial for Lady Ghislaine when the prosecutions makes Christmas Scheisse

10th day of December 2021 - Hunter Biden's Christmas Crack sex Tape

28th day of November 2021 - Unicorn Varient for Maxwell Case

19th Day of October 2021  - Alex Jones Making Impersonations

3rd Day of November 2021  - Degree Earnings with Scientology

22nd Day of November 2021 - Strip poker mit Zurgisskaz

24th day of November 2021 - Thanks to the Native Americans

17th day of October 2021  - Mushrooms in Vegas

Friday 8th of October, 2021 - Propaganda For Vegas

28th, day of September  2021- Norbert's Christmas Tuna



22nd Day of September 2021 - Peasant face

20th Day of September 2021 - Finding the Organish Babies

5th day of September 2021 - Happy Labor Day!

31st day of August 2021 Australia and New Zealand enjoy your consequences

28th Day of August 2021

Goebbels in Argentina & The Big Lie