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Eric's Education

University of New Orleans MFA 4.0 GPA

Eric Hollerbach attained a BA in Creative Writing from Eugene Lang College in 2008.


In 2017, Eric earned an MFA in Screenwriting from the University of New Orleans.

Eric continues to write & rewrite screenplays on a daily basis.

Below are descriptions of his catalogue of scripts.


1 Hour Pilot Teleplay &
3 Season Show Bible

Sean, is born in a top-secret cloning center beneath Dulce, NM. He grows to be a gifted scientist and is recruited to work for the lab, where he was created.

Based on This Short Story I wrote for Literati Quarterly - Pgs. 26-33

Bonesmen of the NSA

Feature Screenplay

The Ruling Elite use the NSA to hoard blackmail material on the politicians they need to control. Dick pics, vag snaps, every dark secret is carefully catalogued.
    That is until Congressman Dick Weiner’s complete lack of shame, gets them in double-jepardy.

Spotlight Shadows

Feature Screenplay

A 80's comedy duo, DANNY AUBURN, and SETH MICHAELS, are reunited when Danny's son Ben meet's Seth in drug rehab.

Mom's Photoshoot

Feature Screenplay

Denise paid for the wedding photographer, and will stop at nothing to get the right picture at her daughter's wedding.

Here Comes Godot

Finished Pilot

Max and Anthony are struggling actors in NYC's avant garde theater scene. They think their big break arrives when they're cast in Richard Wilson's: Here Comes Godot.

(Samples in "Webseries" Section)

Loose Lips Sink Subs

Feature Screenplay

Set in Post WWII Germany, James Bond ties up loose ends between England and Germany.

Internationally recognized sex symbol, Don Barris, has been rumored to be attached as the Bond Girl.

Sample pages of this sexy, thrilling script can be found here.

Yoga Like Me

Feature Screenplay

Five women struggle with emotional and spiritual problems together on a yoga retreat in Upstate NY.

Story by:

Emily Hollerbach 

Hands Of Gods

Feature Screenplay

A banker finds his heart on an organic farm commune, and goes back to Wall Street for revenge.

Damien Shadows PI

Finished Pilot

Damien Shadows PI: Psychic Investigator follows an amateur paranormal researcher on a quest for internet fame.

(Samples in "Webseries" Section)

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